Janne Parviainen - Post Man

-Sex, drugs, rock n' roll and postal rage

Post Man is not a Superhero story. Hank is struggling in a postman's job with no future, suffers from panic attacks and spends his free time drinking beer with his friends who are getting lost in the world of drugs. When there's no love in the world, art has lost it's meaning and friends are disappearing into a vortex, is there a way out of it anymore?

Post Man is a 138 pages long graphic novel of finding yourself, finding love and losing friends in a society that's pushing everyone to their limits in search of maximum profit for the small minority. 

Post Man is a modern day graphic novel in the spirit of Charles Bukowski's Post Office and the drug adventures of Hunter S. Thompson. A must have for the fans of Peter Bagge's Hate, Derf Backderf and anyone who enjoys a good slacker life! This is going to be a cult classic, get it to your bookshelf now!

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Below you can see the Post Man also in a video sample.


Hank Laying Asleep

The drawing is based on Arthur Rackham´s Titania Lying Asleep illustration from the 1908 edition of Shakespeare's A Midsummer
Night´s Dream.


Doc Baphomet

Post Man interpretation of classic art from Janne Parviainen.
Here we see Doc from the Post Man crew as Baphomet in a version of Emile Bayard's illustration 'La Ronde du Sabbat' from the Paul Christian's book L'histoire de la Magie, dating all the way to 1870!


Poster For the Night's 3rd Afterparty Location

A Post Man interpretation from Janne Parviainen.
The drawing is a version of Alfons Mucha's work, titled 'Poster for the 8th Sokol Festival in Prague'.



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